Semester break.

Hi there !
How you guys doing ?
This would be my 4th entry in this few months.
Right now, I'm on my semester break for 3 weeks.
And its two weeks before Ramadhan (fasting month for muslim)
So, what I'm going to do in this few weeks break ?
Well, I may be doing some business.
I don't know, maybe bake sale ?
Yeahh, bake. I can bake. Hehe.
I want to find some money.
That I can use for, I don't know, my study ?
My expenses ? My future ?
But, DEFINITELY for travel.
However, I need to start do it tomorrow or in this week.
But, I kinda lazy ? KAH !
Still going to do it, no worries.

Love you, bloggers.

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