Semester break.

Hi there !
How you guys doing ?
This would be my 4th entry in this few months.
Right now, I'm on my semester break for 3 weeks.
And its two weeks before Ramadhan (fasting month for muslim)
So, what I'm going to do in this few weeks break ?
Well, I may be doing some business.
I don't know, maybe bake sale ?
Yeahh, bake. I can bake. Hehe.
I want to find some money.
That I can use for, I don't know, my study ?
My expenses ? My future ?
But, DEFINITELY for travel.
However, I need to start do it tomorrow or in this week.
But, I kinda lazy ? KAH !
Still going to do it, no worries.

Love you, bloggers.


What should I do ?

I don't know what happened to me in this few weeks.
More like in these few MONTHS.
Even though it's only April in 2017
But many things had happened in couple of months.
One of the thing is,
I lost my best friend.
Not like "dead" lost, NO.
I mean, I don't know how to say this.
It's like things getting awkward between us.
Since he confessed to me that he likes me. More than a friend.
In the mean time, I have this one guy that I love.
But, literally he's not my boyfriend.
But, we know that we love each other.
So back to the story, I don't know what to do.
He even said that he loves me, and again I don't know what to say or to do.
Now we barely talk. Not even in text message or phone call.
What am I supposed to do ?

Love you, bloggers.


And guess what ?

In this NEW year...
I've change my appearance. I mean my looks.
I'm more to make up thingy.
I have to wear make up every week on Monday
Bcos I have this class that you have to wear a simple make up.
It's called Operations class. F&B.
It's true tho. If you want to served the guest you have to look decent.
Not with those eyebags under your eyes, And your pale face.
So, it's give me an opportunity to learned how to make up.
Yeah ofc I'm using drugstore product.
I'm not into High end product.
When its come to High-End, believe me the price is way too EXPENSIVE.
I will do a make up tutorial using those drugstore product in this blog one day.

Love you, bloggers